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Walking tours, private tours, culture and heritage tours in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Before Your Journey With Us…

Do I need to book in advance?

Because each booking is private and unique to only you and your group, we require pre-booking for our experiences.

Our team will send you an email confirmation once we have secured your spots.

If you have a group of 6 or more, please send in your request by completing our the contact us form at least 2 to 3 weeks ahead.


Cancellation policy

We wouldn’t wish it to anybody, but please read below for our cancellation policy.


Canceling a confirmed booking

If the booking is canceled by the host you receive a refund of the full value of your payment.

If you choose to cancel the booking:

  • More than 14 days before the originally booked experience date: You will receive a refund for the full value of your payment.
  • Less than 14 days before the originally booked experience date: you won’t receive a refund.

*This takes into account the starting time of the tour.


How do I recognise the guide?

Her picture is right here. She will also reach out to you prior to your experience.


What if I don’t find the guide at the meeting point?

The usual scenario where this may happen: guests sometimes end up at the wrong meeting point. Our policy is to wait an additional 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time. Otherwise, a guide no-show rarely happens. We also send you an image of the meeting point, to help with identifying our exact location. If in doubt, please feel free to call or message your guide.

What are the tours like?

Charming, witty, illuminating and highly addictive. By foot, we will explore the many nooks and crannies that run abound in these lovely corners of Kuala Lumpurto see, hear, touch and feel things that you won’t on most other tours. We take pride and pleasure in exposing the depths, pointing out the eccentricities and regaling you with astonishing true stories of the city-state we adore. Simply go on one and you will see what we mean…


Will we learn anything about local festivals, celebrations and commemorations on your tours?

Definitely! During festive months, you will learn about our local festivals and how we celebrate them. Important events that have shaped our society are also emphasised during commemorative months.

What if it rains?

As long as guests are game, our promise is to run our tours regardless of rain or shine. Guests are advised to wear comfortable, weather-resistant footwear and bring along a cap, umbrella or poncho. We love the puddles !

Because each tour is private, we are flexible with time, if there is no subsequent booking.

We reserve the right to avoid touring sites due to potential safety hazards under certain weather conditions, during a lightning storm.

Is video-recording and note taking allowed on the tours?

In protection of the intellectual copyright that goes into the tours, note-taking and any forms of video and audio recording are not allowed on the tours. The stories that we share with you are the result of painstaking research over many years.


How should I dress to walk under the local climate?

Dress comfortably, preferably wearing a cap and comfy shoes. Bring along sunglasses, an umbrella or poncho, and a bottle of water. You will be provided with a robe for mosque visits.

Will there be a problem having infants, elderly guests and guests in wheel-chair on the tours?

We put in every effort to make the tours as convenient to all as possible. The walking routes are planned to include sheltered stops, if not stops that allow walkers to enjoy a short sit-down while the guide shares with the group.

Most walks are on level ground (except for visits to Batu Caves and Chow Kit Market) and we maintain a comfortable walking pace throughout. All guests are urged to be mindful of personal safety while crossing roads, which is hard to avoid while walking around an urbanised city.

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